The Election: Main points The 57.5% majority that the ANC received should strengthen President Ramaphosa hold on power in the ANCThis should enable him to streamline policy making and effect meaningful changeIt is anticipated that President Ramaphosa will decrease the number of cabinet ministersThe DA lost support based on mixed messages and internal fighting; this should lead the party to introspection and re-invigorate them to come back stronger in the
The Cost of Delay Investors should consider the importance of investing early, whether this is for their own financial future, that of a child or grandchild starting early is the key to getting ahead. The cost of delay in not getting started early. An investor who starts contributing ten years earlier to their investment savings will after 40 years have over 60% more than there counterpart who started saving but
Budget Review On Wednesday last week, South Africa’s Finance Minister delivered his maiden budget speech. Minister Mboweni attempted to limit the negative impact on economic growth by not increasing the tax rates for natural persons. Some of the main points from the budget were the following: No income adjustments to personal income tax. Rebates and tax-free thresholds marginally increased for natural persons.No increase in the annual interest exemption.Tax-free investments limits