Planning for your family

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. Who would have been able to imagine two years ago that wearing masks would be mandatory, attending live events would become almost impossible and that many of our basic liberties would be restricted.

Almost everyone knows of a loved one, a family member, friend or colleague who has had their life impacted by the virus. If you or a loved one were to succumb to the virus, would your financial affairs be in order? Would you have sufficient funds available to ensure for the continued care and well-being of your family?

Momentum insurance has launched the Estate Provider Benefit. The Estate Provider Benefit ensures that clients are afforded a properly drafted Last Will and Testament as well as ensuring that your estate will be properly wound up in the most efficient manner. Funds are specifically made available for costs incurred which are often overlooked; executors fees, estate duty, capital gains tax and any outstanding debts.

The Estate Provider Benefit provides an instant cash pay-out within one day of receiving the death claim and ensures any funds left over after the provision of winding up your estate are paid to your beneficiaries.  

For more information on the Estate Provider Benefit please contact Kevin or Greg on 041 373 0601.

A reminder to attend our webinar

Kevin Mills Financial Services will be hosting a webinar with Marriott Asset Managers on the 11th August 2021.

Date: 11th August 2021

Time: 11H00 – 12H00

Marriott’s Chief Investment Officer, Duggan Matthews, will be discussing the impact of the recent unrest seen in the country as well as highlighting the benefits of Marriott’s International Investment Portfolio and why this is an attractive investment proposition for investors wishing to gain access to global companies with a focus on providing investors with a sustainable and growing future income.  

Please contact the office directly should you wish to attend the webinar. We look forward to hosting you for what is sure to be a very informative webinar!