Closing of ABSA Money Market Fund

Yesterday ABSA announced the closing of their ABSA Money Market Fund. ABSA have announced investors have 90 days in which to withdraw their funds, switch out of the ABSA Money Market Fund or after 90 days the funds will be transferred into an ABSA investment bank account.

Earlier this month we sent investors information on the Marriott High Income Fund as an alternative to fixed deposits and money market investments. The Marriott High Income Fund is a Multi-asset Income Fund that is currently yielding 6%. With interest rates currently at very depressed levels, this is an attractive investment return for investors seeking an income from their savings whilst not wanting to be exposed to higher levels of risk. To find out more about the Marriott High Income Fund please click the link.

For investors who wish to remain invested in Money Market funds we are also able to provide a variety of alternative Money Market funds where the yield varies between 4 – 4.5% per annum. To find out more information on how to invest please click here.