Ninety One Market and Fund Update

On Wednesday, Rod Hunter of Ninety One provided investors with some insights into where Ninety One is finding value in the market and their positioning going forward.

The JSE ALSI sold off more than 34% in February and March of this year, however, it has subsequently rebounded and is now only -12% down for the year.

Chart supplied by Ninety One

Ninety One managed to protect investors capital over this volatile period far better than many of their peers.

The Ninety One fund managers have sought to build their portfolios based on trying to acquire quality companies that they believe will be able to weather the short term market difficulties but will continue to be able to grow revenue and income streams in the long term.

Ninety One have also found value in SA Government Bonds which are providing an attractive yield for investors.

Chart supplied by Ninety One

We at Kevin Mills Financial Services are always cognisant of the investment experience of our clients. During these volatile and uncertain times, we wish to assure our clients that we continue to remain cautious and as far as possible wish to reduce the risk in our portfolios.

Should you wish to receive a copy of the investment slides from the webinar please contact the office directly and we will gladly make these available to you.