Let’s get real about Investing offshore!

So you haven’t invested offshore yet? What are you waiting for?

For some time we have been reminding investors of the wisdom of diversifying their investment portfolios offshore. The reasons for diversifying investments offshore remain compelling.

  • Offshore investments provide access to companies and industries that are not available in South Africa.
  • The South African Rand is likely to continue depreciating in the medium to long term. (This means that as the Rand weakens in value the investment value increases and vice versa)
  • Investing offshore provides access to investment funds denominated in “hard currency” such as US Dollars, Euro and Sterling.
  • Investing offshore reduces the geo-political risk associated with South Africa.
  • There is a wide array of global and regional funds to choose from.
Investec Global Multi-Asset Income Fund

The Investec Global Multi-Asset Income Fund was launched in 2011 and has a five-star rating by Morningstar and it was a Raging Bull Award winner in 2018. The fund is a relatively low-risk fund that attempts to provide an attractive income with capital growth over the long term. The fund targets a sustainable yield of 4-6% per annum distributed on a monthly basis.

Investments can be made into the fund via Investec’s Global Select Access product.  The product has a number of estate planning benefits:

  • Investors can nominate multiple beneficiaries.
  • No capital gains tax is payable when the policy is transferred into the name of a beneficiary.
  • If an investor nominates a beneficiary, no executors’ fees are levied.
  • If an investor’s spouse is the nominated beneficiary, no estate duty is payable.
  • The proceeds are transferred directly to the beneficiary, instead of being frozen with other assets in your estate.
  • If the investor is a South African resident on death, no foreign inheritance taxes will be payable. This is because the investor owns a policy domiciled in Guernsey, and no foreign inheritance taxes are currently payable in Guernsey. However, estate duty may be payable in South Africa.
  • There is no requirement to apply for an offshore grant of probate (appointing a foreign agent to wind up foreign assets) if a beneficiary has been nominated who is able to receive the benefit.
Marriott Income Specialists Investment Presentation

Kevin Mills Financial Services is pleased to host an investment presentation. Our guest speaker is Duggan Matthews, Chief Investment Officer at Marriott Income Specialists.

Duggan has attained the following qualifications; BBA (Hons), Strategic Mgmt (Hons), CFA, MBA and has been in the investment industry since 2006 has a wealth of investment knowledge. He leads the Investment Team and is responsible for both primary and secondary research in the securities market, as well as monitoring broad macro-economic variables. Duggan is a member of the Investment Analysts Society of Southern Africa.

Established in 1862, Marriott Asset Managers is one of the oldest financial services businesses in the country. They currently have over R23 billion in assets under management, and offer a number of investment products including South African unit trusts and investment products, international unit trusts, an offshore share portfolio and a direct UK property solution.

We are delighted to welcome Duggan! To book your seat please contact the office on 041 373 0601.