The Election: Main points

  • The 57.5% majority that the ANC received should strengthen President Ramaphosa hold on power in the ANC
  • This should enable him to streamline policy making and effect meaningful change
  • It is anticipated that President Ramaphosa will decrease the number of cabinet ministers
  • The DA lost support based on mixed messages and internal fighting; this should lead the party to introspection and re-invigorate them to come back stronger in the 2021 Municipal elections
  • The EFF was the biggest gainer with their message of increased populism

Marie Antelme, an economist with Coronation, gives her post-election analysis and what it means for South Africa. To read the full article please click here.

Marriott launch the Essential Income Fund

Designed and managed for South African investors looking to maximise their retirement lifestyles without the risk of running out of capital, the Marriott Essential Income Fund is a simple, low-cost and effective solution for retirement.

Marriott’s unique Income Focused investment approach, combined with an optimal long-term blend of the highest quality South African dividend paying companies (both property and equities) and government bonds, enables investors to avoid capital erosion by matching their income requirements with the income produced by the portfolio.

Using the Essential Income Fund to “Spend the Income Not the Capital” provides the following benefits:

  •  Sustainable inflation-hedged income for life
  •  A higher “safe” drawdown than the traditional living annuity approach
  •  A similar income yield but with greater flexibility than guaranteed annuities
  •  Exposure to quality companies with good long-term dividend and capital growth prospects

This Fund is ideally suited for clients who are seeking an income for life and are who wish to maximise their retirement lifestyles without the risk of running out of capital.

“Investing puts money to work. The only reason to save money is to invest it.” Grant Cardone